President and Treasurer

Jason Trotter

Hello Everybody!  My name is Jason Trotter, although most know me as JT or BadAssPerformance on various mopar forums.

I’ve had my Shelby Z since ’94, a couple ’87 CSX’s and Shadows since then, and my first Mopar was an ’86 EFI Lancer I got in ’92, but have been a mopar enthusiast long before that.  Late model Turbo Mopars are my main passion, but one of my dreams is to have a twin turbo ’71 Cuda!

I am also the SDAC-Chicago President, SDAC-Chicago Co-Founder, SDAC National
member, CMC member and also on the staff.

Email: jt at badassperformance dot com

Vice President, Administrator, and Membership Coordinator

Dave Tekampe

Hello, I’m Dave Tekampe, some of you may know me as Turbodave on various web forums.

I’ve owned over 50 Turbo Mopars since I got into them in 1997.  The car that started it off for me was an 87 Shelby Charger, followed by an 85 GLH-Turbo and my 86 GLHS.  I’ve still got a big collection of cars my favorite of which is the 89 Competition Package Dodge Shadow I’m restoring currently, it’s one of 300 produced and has been my favorite car to drive.  To pay the bills I work in the medical electronics indstry.

I’m currently the SDAC-Chicago Vice President and I serve as the Assistant Director for the Fox River chapter of the CMC.  In addition I’m a member of the SDAC National club, a moderator on and a member of Team Shelby.

Email: turbodave at boostbarn dot com

Newsletter Editor

Evan Fino

Email: smf86 at aol dot com


Russ W. Knize

Hi, my name is Russ Knize.  You may know me as “MiniMopar” on some of the forums and/or as the guy responsible for the MiniMopar Resources website.

I’ve been driving turbo Mopars since I learned how to drive, as my folks had bought a turbo ’86 LeBaron GTS and a turbo ’87 Daytona new.  My first car was an ’87 Plymouth Sundance 2-door turbo that I bought in 1993.  I owned a couple of Dodge Shadows after that until I got my first numbered Shelby: 1987 Shelby CSX #694.  I still have it and now drive a 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z C/S daily.

Email: rknize at yahoo dot com

Board of Advisors

Alex Macevicius

After many seasons of drag racing turbo Dodges, I have since moved my efforts to road racing motorcycles but still remain active in the turbo dodge community.

Email: moparboyy at mm-racing dot com

Keith Dale

Email: hollywoodstang at earthlink dot net

Ian Macdonald

Hello Everybody! My name is Ian Macdonald, although most know me as the adjustable Zener diode guy, or the guy that hasn’t had a Shelby car in close to 10 years.

When I first joined in the very beginning however I had a 1986 Shelby Charger, it was sold to a fellow club member I think back in 1999, however I am still an avid Mopar fan. You even might have been at my parents house once or twice for a club meeting.

I host the SDAC Chicago website and I am a Admin Board Member.

Email: imacdonald at mm-racing dot com

Marc Polizzi

AKA MoparMarc.  Being a Die-hard Mopar Enthusiest on a small budget I found many friends here at SDAC-Chicago.

I have owned 3 Shelby cars in the past: Two 90 Daytonas and a 83 Charger).  Other Mopars I have owned were:  73 Charger, 87 Lebaron, 86 Lebaron GTS, 88 Lebaron Conv, 86 Daytona Turbo Z.  Most of them can be seen here.  I currently own a 89 Lebaron Conv, 01 Neon RT MotorSports that I bought new (1 of 87) and my last purchase a 74 Challenger.

I’m Director of the Fox River Chapter for the Chicagoland Mopar Club and of course a proud Member of SDAC-Chicago and a member of a local Neon group called Canoe.

Email: 426 at moparmarc dot com

Jim Rieser

Hello, my name is Jim Rieser, sometimes known as Dodgeman87 on various forums. I have been a Chrysler fan since at least 1978. I have owned the following: 1978 Plymouth Horizon, 1981 Dodge Aries, 1983 Dodge Omni, 1983 Plymouth Reliant station wagon ( a train took that car out), 1984 Doge Aries station wagon (compliments of CNW railroad), and two 1986 Dodge Lancers. I presently own a 1987 Shelby Lancer, 1989 Chrysler Lebaron GTS with only 29k miles when I got it, a 1999 Dodge Neon and a 2003 Dodge Neon. I’m a proud member of the Shelby Dodge Club chapter in Chicago and also belong to CMC club.

Brad Szczypkowski

Email: shmedley99 at aol dot com